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What Real Leadership Looks Like

We’re embarking on a great leadership change together! Leadership is ultimately about change, and effective leaders are those who are able to make positive changes on behalf of others. Change is the ultimate goal of the creative process of leadership and we want to make Hamilton County, Indiana, and our beloved United States better for all citizens.

People are at a place where they feel that the world’s problems are too big for them as individuals to make a difference and some feel powerless. However, everyone has a sphere of influence in which they can work toward change, even if it’s just in their own personal network of family and friends. The more a person gets involved, the more experience they will gain and the more influential relationships they will form. One’s sphere of influence grows as they use it! This is an approach to leadership that is collaborative rather than coercive. By remaining civil and respectful, we do this with clear and consistent values rather than hypocrisy. By being concerned with the well-being of group members and the impact of group decisions in our community we can unleash our sense of responsibility and operate with an awareness of responsible leadership.

The motivations for change include getting involved and having faith in one’s ability to make a real impact. We see ourselves as fellow members of a community working to make it better. Building relationships in the community and collaborating with others is the key to avoiding the imposition of one person’s point of view onto others. Working with others and not just for others ensures that those most affected by change have a say in what the change should be!

Coordinated work with many people on many fronts with sustained efforts will allow us to achieve tangible results. People enjoy making personal connections with others when they realize their interconnectedness. Together, we will experience a deep satisfaction from being involved in making a difference for something that truly matters. Conservatives unite and bring forth your collective voice.

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