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HB 1134: A Dumpster Fire

HB 1134 has become a chaotic and disastrously mishandled situation often referred to as a "dumpster fire."

Having thoroughly removed any useful protections of substance that would favor parents and their children who attend Indiana public schools, Senator Linda Rogers amendments to HB1134 have caused CICC to relinquish its support of the bill in its current form.

Parental consent and support was one of the bill's most valuable assets, but those concepts are now dead in the water. The very protections we hoped would aid our children have been replaced in favor of protections for the Indiana State Teacher's Association members.

We agree with the American Family Association of Indiana when they say, "The Rogers’ Amendment is a betrayal of what parents needed".

Folks, we don't need a bill that does nothing! Call your State Senator now at 317-232-9400 and ask them to oppose the Rogers' Amendment to HB 1134.

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