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Congratulations, Mario Massillamany!

As an immigrant to this country, Mario Massillamany, arrived in America at the age of seven with his parents. The new Hamilton County GOP Chairman has experienced the American dream. While the road to success has been bumpy at times, his hard work, personal awareness, and relationship building skills contributed to the support that many precinct committeemen across Hamilton County pledged in Saturday’s caucus for the new chairperson.

Mario, an attorney who lives and works in Fishers, is employed in private practice at Massillamany, Jeter, and Carson. He believes that civility is necessary in primaries, and that Republicans must come together to coalesce behind Republican candidates in General Elections.

In Hamilton County, he says, “Arrogance and laziness have led to an infiltration of Democrats.” Furthermore, “Fighting among ourselves makes Hamilton County appear to be the northern extension of Marion County politics which is totally unacceptable.” He believes we need to return to the idea that everyone can pursue and celebrate our successes and upward mobility.

Chairman Massillamany welcomes the opportunity for conservatives to join their respective GOP clubs in the municipalities in which they reside and the Hamilton County GOP. Additionally, he hopes that anyone who supports Republican causes and like-minded principles, will seek out opportunities for participation in civic engagement.

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